A Real Lightsaber Created on a YouTube Channel

On a YouTube channel, a lightsaber resembling those seen in Star Wars movies has been developed. The team described this lightsaber as “potentially dangerous.”
A Real Lightsaber Created on a YouTube Channel

One of the most intriguing aspects of the Star Wars universe is perhaps the lightsabers. A group of YouTubers has successfully created lightsabers that can open just like those seen in the films. The video shared on the channel HeroTech detailed step-by-step how a lightsaber similar to those in the movies can be constructed.

The team divided the tasks for this fascinating project into stages. Firstly, they tackled the challenge of making the blade section extendable, using telescoping rods similar to those used in magician’s tricks. They also managed to incorporate the necessary sound effects.

Efforts were made to make it as realistic as possible.

According to the team’s website statement, “This lightsaber features a truly dazzling blade that extends and retracts from the hilt. It includes realistic sounds and lights powered by a 12V COB LED strip, 4S LiPo battery, Proffieboard V3.9, and a powerful speaker.”

In the YouTube channel announcement, it was mentioned that while this project can be replicated at home, it was also emphasized that it could be dangerous. The channel warned viewers without an engineering background against attempting it.

Disney had also commissioned its own retractable lightsabers for use in events at Disney World, although they are not currently available for sale, and they are expected to be priced quite high. Additionally, in 2022, another YouTuber successfully created a lightsaber that could actually cut and burn.

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