An individual Bitcoin miner hit the odds of 1 in 5000: they earned $220,000.

About 10 days after the halving, where miner rewards were halved, an individual miner found a block solo and managed to earn both the reward and all transaction fees. The miner made nearly $220,000 in profit.

Occasionally, despite the dwindling numbers of individual miners, they still manage to find blocks on their own. Last night, a miner successfully found the 841,286th block, earning both the 3.125 BTC miner reward and transaction fees.

There was a 0.02% chance.

This individual miner, who managed to earn a total of 3.43 BTC, surpassed $218,000 in dollar income. According to data from the Bitcoin data site Mempool, the chance for this person using individual mining software from the CKpool pool was quite low. The hash rate produced by the individual miner was 120 PH per second. Considering the total hash rate power of the Bitcoin network at 638 exahashes per second, the miner’s chance of finding the block on their own was even lower than 1 in 5000.

This person, who hit the jackpot with a mere 0.02% chance, is certainly not the first in this regard. In the past, individual miners have been seen to find blocks on their own many times. Even before the halving, on April 5th, a miner found a block on their own and earned $422,000.

As known, the halving, where miner rewards are halved, took place on April 20th at block 840,000. The mining pool ViaBTC demonstrated success in finding the first block, and it sold the first Satoshi of the Bitcoin it earned from there for $2.1 million last week.

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