Apple has built a new operating system! What are the details?

Apple has built a new operating system to establish the infrastructure for a new era focused on artificial intelligence. How is this operating system that nobody is aware of yet?
Apple has built a new operating system

Apple has established a structure named Private Cloud Computing (PCC) to support artificial intelligence operations, aimed at laying the foundation for a new era focused on AI.

PCC will be used to store information generated from user interactions with AI, ensuring that this data remains inaccessible to anyone other than the user, including Apple.

In a blog post, Apple announced that they have created a specialized operating system to organize this data:

“With a reinforced operating system designed for privacy using proprietary Apple technologies, we believe PCC represents the most advanced security architecture ever used for cloud AI.”


Apple has not disclosed the name or details of this operating system, ensuring that no clues are available that could make it easier for hackers to launch digital attacks on PCC:

“Security is our primary focus for Private Cloud Computing. We utilize specially designed server hardware that incorporates technologies similar to the security hardware used in iPhone, including Secure Enclave, bringing the strength and security of Apple technologies to the data center. We have paired this hardware with a newly developed operating system.”

Therefore, it is understood that the operating system mentioned here has no connection to MacOS or iOS; it is newly written from scratch.


Will Apple unveil this operating system someday? Most likely not. The more recognized and scrutinized this system becomes, the easier it would be to attack it and access personal data shared with artificial intelligence. Therefore, it appears we will never see this mysterious operating system from Apple.

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