It's worrying, artificial intelligence is gearing up to leave people unemployed.

The artificial intelligence you turn to for writing your term papers or thesis might soon start earning money and continuing your work for you to make a living. The price for this could be losing your job.

In the industry, with the introduction of robots in factories, we’ve experienced periods where there wasn’t much need for human labor. Just as when cars emerged, the era of horse-drawn carriages and coachmen came to an end. Similarly, with the development of motorized ferries and ships that could easily dock at piers, there were times when boatmen became unemployed… Now, we’re facing a severe unemployment crisis as artificial intelligence, capable of performing any task, threatens to leave billions of people without jobs. Are we ready for this?

An survey conducted among top-level industry executives across different sectors reveals that 41% expect to have a smaller workforce within five years due to the implementation of AI technologies. This means that big company executives are preparing to lay off approximately 41% of their workforce within five years.

A study involving executives from 2,000 large companies worldwide showed a significant appetite for layoffs through investment in unproven technology.

Research by the personnel provider and recruitment agency Adecco Group indicates that executives find AI to be both more skilled and faster, thus preferring it over human employees.

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You handed your job over to artificial intelligence, but there's no suitable new position for you.

The report highlights that only half of the leaders will redeploy employees affected by artificial intelligence. This rate is highest in Germany and France, where 49% of respondents say their companies will hire fewer people within five years due to AI. The lowest rate is 32% in Singapore. In the United States, this rate is 36%.

57% of respondents believe that human skills will continue to be more effective than AI in the workplace. However, if you look at the glass half empty, the percentage of those who believe AI will be more skilled and effective is 43%… That’s not insignificant.

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New career preferences

It’s still early to see whether artificial intelligence will lead to a decrease in the workforce, but the results show that there is excitement about AI in certain sectors of the business world.

On the other hand, this interest in AI is inevitable to create a significant increase in employment for engineers and technicians working in AI-related fields. It’s also emphasized that it would be beneficial for young people preparing to enter the workforce in the next 50-60 years to choose professions in line with these predictions.

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