Artificial intelligence is now being used to 'swipe' someone's life.

The feared scenario has occurred, with ordinary people now starting to produce fake evidence using artificial intelligence to slander each other in their daily lives. Here's a striking example of this...

The fears surrounding artificial intelligence are starting to materialize one by one. We used to say that fake evidence generated with the help of AI could become a weapon for ordinary people to slander each other in their daily lives, and it has indeed happened.

A physical education teacher at a high school in Baltimore, USA, used artificial intelligence to slander the school’s unpopular principal. The teacher recreated the principal’s voice using AI and used it to voice racist dialogues. Then, they accused the principal of racism and played the voice recordings to senior administrators. Shocked by what they heard, the administrators immediately fired the principal.

However, the school principal didn’t let the matter rest and reported it to the authorities. It was proven that the voice recordings were fake evidence generated by artificial intelligence. As a result, the prosecutor arrested the physical education teacher and brought them to court.

"It's so easy to slander anyone you don't like."

The police couldn’t determine which artificial intelligence platform the physical education teacher used, but while at the airport for a flight, the teacher was arrested by airport police after they saw the arrest warrant issued by the prosecutor.

According to the prosecutor, there was a dispute between the physical education teacher and the school principal regarding the proper use of school funds, and it’s believed that the teacher conspired against the principal due to this disagreement.

While this incident in the United States presents an intriguing story, it also serves as a frightening reminder that we’ve entered an era where people can easily slander each other with fake evidence generated by artificial intelligence. Now, we all need to be prepared for the “tapes” that might surface about us. The tape business has moved beyond politics and infiltrated daily life.

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