Crypto Whale Makes $150 Million Mega Move: Which Coins Did They Sell?

Crypto whales’ large sales of Bitcoin and Ethereum significantly influence market trends. According to recent data, whales have moved over $148 million worth of crypto assets to various exchanges. Last week, Bitcoin dropped to $58,500 but showed signs of recovery, attempting to rebound. It nearly reached $64,000 on Monday before increased selling pressure pushed prices below $63,000.
Crypto Whale Makes $150 Million Mega Move Which Coins Did They Sell

Crypto Whales’ Market Influence: $148 Million Moved Amid Bitcoin and Ethereum Sales

On Monday, a crypto whale associated with wallet address 3G98j transferred 1,800 BTC to Binance at $63,333, typically indicating an intention to convert to cash. Spot On Chain reported, ‘The whale started dumping BTC and then the Bitcoin price started to fall.’ Between June 19-21, the crypto whale withdrew 6,725 BTC (worth $437 million) from Binance and OKX.

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Ethereum Records Similar Whale Activities. On Monday, the wallet 0xedo associated with Abraxas Capital deposited approximately 42,000 ETH worth $34.78 million into Bitfinex. Despite these significant transactions, this crypto whale still holds over $112 million worth of ETH in lending and farming platforms.

Bitcoin ETFs saw inflows of $129 million on Monday, with Fidelity Wise Origin Bitcoin Fund leading with $65 million. Despite crypto whale sales, Bitcoin bull Tom Lee predicts Bitcoin will reach $150,000 by year-end.

The contradiction between whale sales and significant ETF inflows highlights the complex and contradictory forces shaping the crypto market. Such insights are crucial for predicting market changes and safeguarding investments.

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