Current artificial intelligences are not even as smart as a cat.

Despite rapid advancements in artificial intelligence, some truths remain evident. According to the CEO of Google DeepMind, current artificial intelligences are not even at the IQ level of a domestic cat.
Current artificial intelligences are not even as smart as a cat.

Google DeepMind‘s co-founder and CEO, Demis Hassabis, compared today’s artificial intelligences to domestic cats in a recent statement. Hassabis remarked that “we’re not even at the level of cat intelligence yet.” Meanwhile, research is progressing rapidly with substantial investments supporting advancements. Some believe that within a decade, we may reach human-level intelligence. However, according to Google DeepMind’s CEO, this is not currently the case.

Artificial intelligences exhibit low “intelligence”

Ask any artificial intelligence company, and they will likely claim that their systems are highly intelligent. However, Google DeepMind’s CEO points out that current AI models do not even reach the IQ levels of a domestic cat. This statement underscores a fundamental reality.

Intelligence encompasses the abilities of reasoning, perceiving objective truths, understanding, judging, and drawing conclusions, alongside abstraction, learning, and adaptation to new situations. In essence, intelligence is a broad concept. Present-day AIs, however, operate within highly specific domains.

Current artificial intelligences are not even as smart as a cat.

Hassabis’ work is therefore not focused on current artificial intelligences but on AGI, Artificial General Intelligence. Hassabis says, “Right now, we’re very far from generally human-level intelligence. However, AI is better than the world’s best in certain areas like playing games.” An AGI, on the other hand, suggests the existence of an artificial intelligence that could perform at human-level across all domains. It suggests, because such an AI has not yet been built. Therefore, assumptions remain theoretical for now.

Nevertheless, Hassabis says that artificial intelligence will be at least as great a development as the Industrial Revolution or the invention of fire or electricity. The CEO believes that in the future, artificial intelligence will have a significant impact on energy, materials science, healthcare, climate, and mathematics. Hassabis also mentioned a project named Project Astra, which Google DeepMind is working on. The project, he said, will be an artificial intelligence-aware to user’s situation, preferences, history, and more than just like GPT and

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