Data transfer between devices will speed up and become easier on Android.

Google is working on a new tool to speed up and simplify data transfer between Android devices. What conveniences does the new tool bring?
Data transfer between devices will speed up and become easier on Android

Although Android’s data transfer

Although Android’s data transfer tool has evolved over the years, it still has shortcomings compared to Apple’s solution and areas that need improvement. While there are third-party apps available, issues such as incomplete transfer of data or settings may arise when switching between different brand phones. According to Android Authority, Google will soon make this process much better and faster.

Wired and wireless connections are being merged.

When setting up a new phone, you have three options to transfer your data from your old Android device to your new one: using a cable, via Wi-Fi, or by restoring from a Google One backup. It seems Google is combining two of these options to provide a faster data transfer and restore experience.

The system, named ‘MultiTransportD2dTransport,’ aims to speed up data transfer by using both Wi-Fi and cable simultaneously.

Although Android's data transfer

Google is also working on another new feature that allows users to transfer data from their current Android device to an old or new Android device at any point. Google calls this feature ‘Always Restore.’

No need to revert to factory settings.

If you have already set up your Android device, you cannot restore data from your old device without performing a factory reset and restarting the transfer. With the new feature, you can restore data from an old device at any time without the need for a factory reset.

However, the new ‘Always Restore’ feature has some limitations. You can only copy data from the device you previously used for data transfer. To copy data from another device, you need to erase all device data. The copied data is merged with the data on your current device. Any settings you have changed will not overwrite these changes.

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