Ecosia Browser" Announced as the "World's Most Environmentally Friendly Browser," Generating Energy as You Browse

The non-profit organization focused on reforestation, Ecosia, has announced its new web browser. The more this web browser is used, the more renewable energy will be generated.

Ecosia Browser

A notable move has come from Ecosia, a non-profit organization that operates as a search engine and allocates the money it earns from searches to reforestation efforts. In honor of “Earth Day 2024,” the company has developed a new web browser.

Labeled as the “world’s most environmentally friendly browser,” the “Ecosia Browser” will be supported by energy derived from Ecosia’s solar farms. This translates to 25 Wh of electrical energy per user per day. While this amount may seem small, it could make a significant impact if Ecosia Browser reaches millions of users.

It can be used on all macOS and Windows computers.

The Ecosia Browser, designed exclusively for computers at the moment, is compatible with all computers running macOS and Windows operating systems. However, whether the browser will be available for mobile devices is currently unknown.

If you’d like to get acquainted with Ecosia Browser and contribute to nature while using it, you can use the link provided here.

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