Google is developing a mysterious device that no one knows about.

It has been revealed that Google is developing a mysterious device equipped with a 60GHz Soli radar. So, what exactly could this device be?
Google is developing a mysterious device that no one knows about.

According to Federal Communications Commission (FCC) filings, Google now has a mysterious “wireless device” that includes short-range 60 GHz radar technology, 802.11n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and some type of “base plate.”

Soli Radar

One of the first guesses about this device suggests that it could just be a new Nest Thermostat, and this speculation seems quite reasonable. The FCC filings show that this device does not have radio channels beyond 2.4 GHz and 60 GHz. The Nest Thermostat from 2020 similarly had a limited number of radio channels but used the Soli radar to automatically detect if you were in front of the thermostat and to illuminate a screen hidden behind a mirror. Additionally, it makes sense for a thermostat mounted on a wall or standing alone to have a base plate.

It can be fairly confidently predicted that this device is not a speaker, given that even Google’s cheapest Nest Mini speakers support the 5GHz band.

It seems less likely that this device is an update to the 2021 Nest Hub, which added Soli radar for sleep tracking. Although the Nest Hub has low-power radio technology like Thread or Zigbee to control other smart home devices, neither is mentioned here. Also, there is no mention of any battery in this filing, and it appears that this mysterious device was tested while connected to AC power or a laptop via a USB cable through a “setup box.”

Considering the other information provided in Google’s filing (such as the device being positioned at least 20 cm away from the human body), it is likely that we are looking at a new Nest Thermostat. However, to say anything definitive, it is best to wait for an official announcement from Google.

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