GPT-4 has passed the most important artificial intelligence test!

GPT-4, developed by OpenAI, has succeeded in passing the Turing Test, making it the closest artificial intelligence to human intelligence. Here are the details!
GPT-4 has passed the most important artificial intelligence test

OpenAI‘s GPT-4 model has succeeded in passing the Turing Test in a study conducted by a group of researchers. This test, invented by Alan Turing in 1950, measures a machine’s ability to imitate human intelligence. To pass the Turing Test, an artificial intelligence must convince a person through conversation that it is another human.

GPT-4 succeeded in imitating human intelligence in the Turing Test.

As part of the study, researchers gave 500 people the opportunity to converse with four different participants. One of these participants was a human, one was the 1960s AI ELIZA, and the other two were powered by GPT-3.5 and GPT-4. Each conversation lasted five minutes, and participants tried to guess who the human was at the end of the conversation. The results were quite striking; 54% of the participants evaluated GPT-4 as human.

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In this study, the human participant was evaluated as human 67% of the time, GPT-3.5 50% of the time, and ELIZA only 22% of the time. The results for GPT-4 were found to be remarkable, as 54% of the participants evaluated it as human. Researchers claim that these results indicate that GPT-4 has passed the Turing Test.

Of course, there is much debate about whether the Turing Test is sufficient to measure a machine’s intelligence. While the test is designed to measure a machine’s ability to behave like a human, it also involves the ability to mimic socio-emotional factors rather than just raw intelligence to deceive humans. This ability of artificial intelligence is seen as one of the fundamental elements behind GPT-4’s success.

This news will also heighten concerns about the potential dangers of artificial intelligence. Even experts known as the “Fathers” of artificial intelligence are warning about the risks that this technology might bring. GPT-4 passing the Turing Test highlights how far we have come in the AI era and how humans are approaching artificial intelligence.

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