Halving Bitcoin - A Satoshi worth $0.0006 was sold for $2.1 million.

Following last week's 4th reward halving of Bitcoin, ViaBTC, the miner who obtained the first Satoshi in the first block, sold this "epic sale" for $2.1 million.

One week after the halving event that halving Bitcoin mining rewards, the first Satoshi obtained from the first block was sold for approximately 33.3 BTC, which is valued at about $2.1 million. Currently, 1 Satoshi, the smallest unit of Bitcoin, is worth around $0.0065.

It’s worth recalling that the ViaBTC mining pool found this block in the 840,000th block, securing the epic sale. The company collaborated with the CoinEX exchange to put this epic sale on the market earlier this week. Despite being just 1 Satoshi, this epic sale, which is actually much more valuable, was sold yesterday. Information about the buyer, whether an individual or an institution, has not been disclosed.

The highest second offer for the epic sale, purchased for 33.3 BTC, was 20 BTC.

It is known that some data can be encoded onto Satoshis through the Ordinals protocol, particularly. These data, also known as “Inscriptions,” have resulted in some Satoshis being sold for much higher prices than their intrinsic value. Casey Rodarmor, the creator of Ordinals, categorized these Satoshis:

Common: Not the first Satoshi of blocks
Uncommon: The first Satoshi obtained from each block
Rare: The first Satoshi obtained from the first block after every difficulty adjustment
Epic: The first Satoshi obtained from the first block after each halving event
Legendary: The first Satoshi of each cycle
Mythical: The first Satoshi of the first Bitcoin obtained from the Genesis block…

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