Hard Disk and SSD Crisis Looms: Prices Could Rapidly Rise Due to Artificial Intelligence

Increased demand for hard disks and SSDs due to rising artificial intelligence research could drive up prices for storage units.

Consumers may face significant price increases for SSD and HDD products. The main reason behind this situation is the intense focus of almost all major technology companies on artificial intelligence models. Storage unit manufacturers are struggling to meet demand, leading to inevitable price hikes.

It has been reported that major storage unit manufacturers such as WD and Seagate are requesting retailers to increase prices in the coming quarter. While there are several reasons for this decision, the most important factors include reduced production capacity during the pandemic, the desire to offset past losses, and the intense demand brought by artificial intelligence research.

What cryptocurrency mining does to GPUs, artificial intelligence does to storage units.


In the past, due to the high demand for GPUs for cryptocurrency mining, prices skyrocketed, forcing gamers to pay significant amounts for a good GPU. A similar situation seems imminent now for storage units. When demand increases but supply remains the same, the market’s equilibrium price also rises. Due to this change, prices of storage units may increase by around 5-10% in dollar terms in the next quarter.

As a result, those looking to upgrade their storage units may need to act quickly. Interest in artificial intelligence seems to be continuing, indicating that prices may not return to these levels in the foreseeable future.

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