Honor's New AI Features to Combat Deepfake Videos

Honor Aims to Enhance User Security with AI-Based Eye Protection and Deepfake Video Detection Features
Honor's New AI Features to Combat Deepfake Videos

At MWC Shanghai, Honor Unveils AI-Powered Defocus Eye Protection and Deepfake Video Detection Technologies to Enhance User Safety and Health. These Innovations Aim to Protect Eye Health Amid Increased Screen Usage and Provide Defense Against Threats Posed by Deepfake Content.

Honor Leverages AI to Address Eye Strain and Detect Deepfake Content

With the rising usage of computers and phones today, there is a growing incidence of eye strain and myopia (nearsightedness). In response, Honor introduced the AI-based Defocus Eye Protection technology. This feature brings the effect of defocus glasses to screens, aiming to reduce the negative impact of prolonged screen time on eye health.

Honor Deep Fake

Defocus glasses blur peripheral vision while keeping central vision clear to prevent eye elongation. Honor’s new software solution has the potential to reduce transient myopia by an average of 13 degrees, with improvements for some users reaching up to 75 degrees.

Another notable feature introduced by Honor is its deepfake video detection technology. This AI-powered feature analyzes factors such as eye contact, lighting, and image clarity to identify fraudulent content. Moreover, it operates in real-time during video calls, promptly alerting users to potential scams.

Deepfake videos have become a significant threat in the digital age. These fabricated media create realistic yet deceptive content for purposes such as identity theft, creating fake identities, or fraud. Honor has developed a robust defense mechanism against this threat, utilizing artificial intelligence technology to detect fake content in as little as three seconds.

It remains unclear whether these new AI features operate entirely on the device or require an internet connection. Honor has indicated that details regarding which devices will support these technologies and their availability will be shared soon.

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