Hyundai's new window film reduces in-car temperature by up to 22 degrees!

Hyundai's Nano Cooling Film can reduce in-car temperature by up to 22 degrees. The company claims that the revolutionary film, which will soon enter mass production, is groundbreaking.

Hyundai is currently testing its Nano Cooling Film, which it first announced last summer. The company describes the glass film, which offers impressive cooling performance, as revolutionary.
Hyundai applied the developed glass film to 70 vehicles in Lahore, Pakistan, to demonstrate its performance under real-world conditions. With temperatures soaring to 50°C during the summer months, Lahore provides an ideal city for testing due to its hot weather even in the spring months.


Much more effective than traditional window films.

The Korean manufacturer stated that the Nano Cooling Film reduces the ambient temperature around the driver’s head by up to 10.98°C when compared to traditional black films. They also reported a decrease in temperature of up to 12.33°C compared to situations where no film was applied. Additionally, the Nano film outperformed in-car surface temperature, achieving a temperature reduction of 15.38°C compared to traditional films and 22°C compared to untreated glass, demonstrating its effectiveness.

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