ibn-i Sina's recommendation: Consuming that food makes you a genius

For those who frequently experience forgetfulness and want to strengthen their memory, there are foods that can turn you into a genius. The foods that İbn-i Sina especially recommended in those times are…
İbn-i Sina's recommendation

The Canon of Medicine

Centuries ago, İbn-i Sina conducted research on the treatment of various diseases. In his famous book, “The Canon of Medicine” (El-Kanun fi’t-Tıb), he also recommended certain foods that could enhance intelligence and memory.

The foods recommended by İbn-i Sina are considered secrets to a sharp memory, as they can help strengthen it. Some of these foods contribute to the development of intelligence, so much so that consuming them is said to make one a genius.

İbn-i Sina provided recommendations for foods that could benefit cognitive and memory health centuries ago. Additionally, these foods can address some health problems beyond just improving memory and intelligence.



Turmeric, which İbn-i Sina also recommended, can be beneficial against mental illnesses. Additionally, it may help with neural disorders. Furthermore, it can be useful in preventing health problems such as vomiting.



Ginger, recommended by İbn-i Sina centuries ago, can be beneficial for memory, thus considered a secret to a sharp memory. Additionally, it can aid digestion. It may also be beneficial for vision problems and the stomach.


Mustard, also recommended by İbn-i Sina, can boost intelligence when consumed on an empty stomach, making one seem like a genius. Additionally, mustard juice can be used as drops to alleviate ear and tooth pain. It also has expectorant properties.

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