Installing APKs on Android phones is becoming more difficult!

What is needed to install APKs on an Android phone? Now, biometric authentication will be required when installing APKs.
Installing APKs on Android phones is becoming more difficult

Google is taking new steps to protect Android users from malicious apps. The company announced that it is working on a new feature for apps installed from outside the Play Store. This feature will require biometric authentication or entering a PIN during the APK installation process.

Biometric Authentication Required for APK Installation on Android

Google has allowed APK installations on Android for years. While this offers users great freedom, it also comes with risks. As part of its new security measures, the company will require biometric authentication or PIN verification before allowing APK installations.

New Updates of Android 14

Currently, Google displays a warning to users when it cannot verify the source of an app being installed from outside the Play Store. Users can bypass this warning by tapping the “Install anyway” option. However, Google will require biometric or PIN authentication in certain situations instead of allowing this bypass.

This additional layer of protection will be activated for apps that Google suspects might be malicious. If an APK is detected to be associated with malware, the installation will not complete without fingerprint or PIN verification.

Although this feature is not yet live, it has started being tested in the latest Play Store version. This indicates that it might be rolled out with the new updates of Android 14.

As cybersecurity threats evolve, Google continues to strengthen Android’s defenses. Malicious apps can sometimes slip through the Play Store’s filters, so developing additional approval mechanisms is crucial.

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