The Largest Password Database in History Released: 10 Billion Passwords

A hacker forum has released the largest database in history containing nearly 10 billion leaked passwords. Experts recommend taking all security measures.
The Largest Password Database in History Released

The largest leaked password collection in internet history has been published. A file named “rockyou2024.txt” was released on July 4th by a user named “ObamaCare” on a hacker forum, posing a serious threat.

Millions of accounts at risk

The file contains a total of 9,948,575,739 unique passwords. According to the user who published it, the database includes a wide variety of passwords from recent years, making it highly likely for attackers to exploit them. Experts warn that attackers could use the database to attempt brute-force attacks on accounts.a

The Largest Password Database in History Released_0

In light of these events, Cybernews experts strongly advise users to take the following security measures to avoid becoming victims of the attack:

1. Immediately change the passwords for all important accounts.
2. Use complex, unique passwords for each service.
3. Enable two-factor authentication wherever possible.
4. Regularly monitor your accounts for suspicious activity.
5. Consider using password managers to create and store strong password combinations.

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