Microsoft Edge Version to Get Option to Make Copilot Feel 'Like Jarvis'

Edge, Copliot

In the Edge version of Microsoft Copilot, we'll be able to make it change settings by simply telling it what we want.

While Microsoft’s Edge browser may not have the same level of ubiquity as Google Chrome, it enjoys a dedicated user base due to consistent support from the company. And when it comes to Microsoft, artificial intelligence features are inevitable. The company is currently offering Copilot within Edge.

We’re aware that Copilot on the computer provides a ChatGPT-like experience. On Edge, however, this tool comes with features that enrich your browsing experience. With practical tools like circling to search, we can save time. However, the latest update brings a feature that will be more functional than such features.

You’ll be able to manipulate Edge’s features through Copilot.

Unfortunately, we’re familiar with situations where we need to make bookmarks visible, access cookies, or search for the dark mode toggle in various corners of the browser settings. Copilot will enable us to make such settings through its interface.

In the profile section of the settings, there will be a Copilot section at the top with a few preset buttons like “history” and “security.” Additionally, we’ll be able to request what we want through a Copilot window that opens from the side panel. Currently, Copilot doesn’t have access to all system settings on the desktop. This raises doubts about whether a similar situation will occur on Edge. The feature is currently being tested in the Edge Canary version, and it’s uncertain when it will be available to everyone.

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