Microsoft Recall has been introduced: Shaping the future of Windows.

Microsoft has introduced Recall, a new feature for Copilot Plus PCs. So, what does this AI-based feature offer? Here's everything you need to know about Microsoft Recall, which tracks what you see and do.
Microsoft Recall has been introduced

Copilot Plus PC

The Surface and Windows AI event hosted by Microsoft in the past hours concluded with exciting announcements, including the new Copilot AI and the “Copilot Plus PC” brand. However, the innovations don’t stop there. Microsoft also introduced a brand new feature called Recall for Copilot Plus PCs.

It's coming to Copilot Plus PCs.

Recall, internally referred to as “AI Explorer” by Microsoft, comes with a host of innovations. In summary, this feature remembers the actions users perform on their computers, allowing them to search and retrieve them later. This enables users to quickly access events within a specific time frame by conducting an AI-powered search.

Copilot Recall

As seen above, Recall’s timeline interface allows users to review past activities with buttons like “yesterday,” “today,” and “now.” Moreover, it’s worth noting that applications such as Teams and Excel are included as well. Recall will have a wide range of uses, from tracking actions in applications to monitoring communication in live meetings and remembering visited websites.

We can also describe this as an explorable timeline. Previously, Microsoft had a similar feature called Timeline in Windows 10, but it was discontinued in 2021. Recall, however, will have deep and native integration with Windows compared to third-party applications.

The future of Windows is taking shape.

Recall will be compatible with PCs meeting specific requirements outlined by Microsoft. Currently, these include Copilot Plus PCs with Snapdragon X Elite support and a minimum of 256 GB of storage space. It’s reported that on a 256 GB device, the default storage space for Recall will be 25 GB, allowing for approximately 3 months’ worth of data storage. Additionally, users will have the option to increase storage allocation for Recall in their PC settings.

Copilot and Pc

Considering the features of Recall, another topic that comes to mind is privacy. In response to this, Microsoft states that users can pause, delete, or exclude specific applications or websites from the recorded content. However, it’s important to note that Recall does not automatically hide sensitive information or perform content moderation.

In terms of availability, Microsoft has announced that Recall is still in the testing phase. The official website states that “Recall is currently in preview.” At this stage, we can say that the feature will be available for use in the near future.

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