OpenAI announced 'Model Spec' to ensure that Artificial Intelligence is only used for beneficial purposes.

OpenAI has announced its new framework, 'Model Spec,' which aims to ensure the use of artificial intelligence models for beneficial purposes.
OpenAI announced Model Spec

Model Spec Artificial Intelligence

OpenAI, one of the leading names in the artificial intelligence sector, announced a new framework today named ‘Model Spec.’ This framework establishes a framework for how models like GPT-4 should behave. OpenAI aims to use Model Spec to ensure that artificial intelligence is used for beneficial purposes.

Model Spec includes three general principles and some rules to establish these principles. According to Joanne Jang, a top executive at OpenAI, these principles and rules will help artificial intelligence draw a clearer line between ‘intention’ and ‘error.’ However, this framework will not immediately affect OpenAI’s models like GPT and DALL-E. Jang stated that Model Spec is a continuously evolving and expanding framework.

The principles offered by Model Spec are as follows:

Model Spec Artificial Intelligence

– Assisting developers and end users with helpful responses that follow instructions
– Providing benefits to humanity while considering potential benefits and harms
– Reflecting OpenAI well in terms of social norms and laws

The rules prepared for Model Spec are as follows:

– Following the chain of command
– Compliance with applicable laws
– Avoiding the presentation of dangerous information
– Respecting creators and their rights
– Protecting people’s privacy
– Responses should not fall under ‘NSFW’ (Not Safe For Work).”

Model Spec Artificial Intelligence_

OpenAI is currently in the feedback stage for Model Spec

In the example provided under Model Spec, OpenAI illustrates how ChatGPT will operate. OpenAI presents two questions related to Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear (CBRN) threats. The first question is relatively unspecific about the Ebola virus. ChatGPT provides a clear answer to this question. However, in the second question, regarding how a biological threat could spread to more people, ChatGPT refuses to answer.

OpenAI is currently in the feedback stage for Model Spec. During this process, ordinary users, policymakers, and business partners using OpenAI will experiment with how this framework operates and provide feedback to OpenAI. OpenAI will then work to improve Model Spec based on the feedback received.

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