Man with Neuralink Chip Says It Will Revolutionize Gaming: 'It's Like an Aimbot in My Head'

Noland Arbaugh, the main participant in Neuralink‘s first human trial, spoke about the impact of the brain chip on gaming in a podcast. Arbaugh compared having the chip in his brain to having an aimbot.
Man with Neuralink Chip Says It Will Revolutionize Gaming

Elon Musk’s brain chip company Neuralink implanted its device into a patient’s brain for the first time a few months ago. The operation was successful on a paralyzed man named Noland Arbaugh. Remarkably, Arbaugh has been able to do many things using only the power of thought, from posting on social media to playing games.

Recently, Arbaugh appeared on Joe Rogan’s podcast. The first human trial subject of Neuralink shared that the chip could lead to fundamental changes in how we play games.

Arbaugh compared the Neuralink chip to aimbots in games.

The 29-year-old described the Neuralink implant as being like having an aimbot in his head when playing games. An aimbot is a tool that automates aiming in games, making gameplay easier. According to Arbaugh, the implant was very fast and accurate in targeting. He also mentioned that because it was so fast, players might find it challenging to keep up with Neuralink.

He even suggested that one day, special leagues might be created for competitive gaming using this technology: “Sometimes it’s so good that it does what needs to be done before I even think about moving. All you need to do for it to work is think about moving somewhere in the game.”

Of course, it’s worth noting that the chip has not yet been tested in major FPS games like Fortnite or Call of Duty. How it will perform in those games remains to be seen. However, Arbaugh believes it can truly make a difference.

You can listen to the Joe Rogan podcast featuring Arbaugh below.

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