Norway Witnessed a Bright Spiral: Suspicion Falls on SpaceX!

Norway Witnessed, SpaceX

Neux Cure

In early March, a bright blue spiral was spotted over the city of Lofoten in Norway. This rare event is claimed to be related to SpaceX.

In the Norwegian sky, a bright blue spiral was observed in early March. This rare event is associated with SpaceX.
In the first days of March, residents of Iceland and Norway noticed an unusual spiral resembling a portal in the sky.
It was quite large and bright, even overshadowing the northern lights. This event lasted for about ten minutes.
Some eyewitnesses managed to capture a photograph of this glowing spiral, and astronomers quickly learned its source. This shape was the illuminated nebulous image of frozen fuel ejected from SpaceX‘s Falcon 9 rocket.

This isn't the first light spiral created by Falcon 9.

The rocket was launched on March 4th from the Vandenberg Space Center in California. It carried 53 small satellites into orbit for various customers. As the rocket’s second stage ignited, it began to exit orbit and burned up in the atmosphere over the Barents Sea. During this maneuver, the spinning stage ejected propellant fuel. Frozen crystals formed a cloud reflecting sunlight. This isn’t the first light spiral created by the Falcon 9 rocket. The same phenomenon had been observed over Alaska and Hawaii before. However, predicting when these will occur is quite difficult. It is noted that not every launch of the rocket will be accompanied by such a display. Several factors need to coincide: the time of day, the position of the rocket relative to Earth and the Sun, and the direction and speed of rotation of the second stage releasing the fuel. Note: SpaceX’s next Starship launch may be in May.

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