Opera is adding Google's Gemini Artificial Intelligence Tool to its browser.

Opera is working to add Google’s Gemini artificial intelligence’s text-to-speech conversion technology and visual generation capability to its browser.
Opera is adding Google's Gemini Artificial Intelligence Tool to its browser

Artificial intelligence tools are becoming increasingly common in operating systems and browsers. Opera had previously been able to use the Aria artificial intelligence assistant, built on OpenAI’s large language model, in its browser. Now, the company has announced its decision to integrate Google’s Gemini artificial intelligence tool into Aria. According to Opera, the company’s Composer artificial intelligence tool will be able to understand the user’s intent and then decide which tool to use for which task.

Google has described Gemini as “the most capable model they’ve built to date.” Subsequently, the Gemini artificial intelligence tool was added to the Android operating system. Opera stated that through Gemini integration, the browser will “deliver the latest information to users with high performance.”

Opera will choose the appropriate artificial intelligence.

Following the agreement between Opera and Google, Aria will introduce new experimental features through the AI Feature Drop program. Users of the Opera One developer version browser will also have access to Google’s Imagen 2 model for free. Additionally, users can request Aria to read texts aloud to them.

If tests go smoothly, Opera may open this feature to all users. However, some changes to the features are possible. The final decision will depend on the feedback from early adopters.

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