Samsung Galaxy Ring Unveiled: Features, Price, and More

At the Galaxy Unpacked event, Samsung unveiled its smart ring, the Galaxy Ring, in full detail. Here are the price, features, and all the details of the Samsung Galaxy Ring:
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Samsung first announced its intriguing smart ring, the Galaxy Ring, earlier this year during the unveiling of the Galaxy S24 series. The company then revealed the design and some features of the Galaxy Ring at MWC 2024. Now, at the Galaxy Unpacked event, Samsung has unveiled the Galaxy Ring in full detail. Here are the price, features, and more about the Galaxy Ring:

What Features Does the Galaxy Ring Offer?

The Galaxy Ring, although the smallest device in Samsung’s Galaxy family, might be the most impressive for many users. Available in gold, silver, and black, the Galaxy Ring features a Grade 5 titanium frame. It boasts 10ATM water resistance and an IP68 rating. The ring is 7 mm wide and 2.6 mm thick (for the smallest size). In terms of weight, it ranges from 2.3 to 3 grams depending on the size. Speaking of size, the Galaxy Ring will be available in a total of nine different sizes.

With a concave design, the Galaxy Ring hides all health monitoring sensors and charging pins on the inside, appearing quite normal as a ring from the outside. Samsung will include a free sizing kit with every Galaxy Ring order. Even if you know your ring size, it is recommended to use this kit to ensure a perfect fit. The kit will also be available separately for online order and in stores.

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On the other hand, the Galaxy Ring pairs via Bluetooth and requires Samsung Galaxy phones running Android 11 or later or other compatible Android devices. There is no iOS support. A Samsung account and the Samsung Health app are also required. None of these need a paid subscription.

Additionally, if you use a Samsung Galaxy Watch along with the Galaxy Ring, the Samsung Health app can choose which device to pull data from. For example, if you’re running and the signal from your watch is clearer than the one from the ring, it will use the watch’s data. The Galaxy Ring also supports pinch gesture controls. While wearing the ring, you can control your Galaxy smartphone, take photos, or turn off alarms by pinching your thumb and index finger together.

As for sensors, the device includes an accelerometer, an optical heart rate sensor (with green, red, and infrared LEDs), and a skin temperature sensor. It will be able to track sleep, heart rate data, and activity. There are also some Galaxy AI-powered measurements, including the new Energy Score and Health Tips features. The Energy Score uses Galaxy AI to determine how you feel based on sleep, activity, sleep heart rate, and sleep heart rate variability, providing personalized insights.

What is the Battery Life of the Samsung Galaxy Ring?

The most crucial aspect of a smart ring is, of course, battery life. Samsung claims that the smaller-sized (sizes 5-7) Galaxy Rings will offer up to 6 days of battery life on a single charge, thanks to the 17 mAh battery. The larger sizes (12 and 13) will have a 22.5 mAh battery, providing up to 7 days of battery life. Speaking of battery life, the Galaxy Ring comes with an elegant charging case that has a 361 mAh battery.

How Much Does the Samsung Galaxy Ring Cost?


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The Samsung Galaxy Ring is priced at $399. The release date and price for Turkey have not yet been announced. However, the smart ring is available for pre-order in select global markets starting today. Final sales of the Galaxy Ring will begin on July 24th.

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