Siri is sad! The AI assistant has come to all Android users.

With Microsoft Launcher, the Copilot AI assistant is now available to all Android users. You can now chat with the AI directly on the home screen.
Siri is sad_The AI assistant has come to all Android users

Microsoft announced great news! An AI assistant that you can use like Siri is now available for Android users. With the Microsoft Launcher app, which changes the design of your phone’s home screen, you will now have access to the Copilot assistant. This means you can now chat with AI directly from your home screen. But how is this feature enabled? Here are the details…

The Copilot AI assistant is integrated into the Microsoft Launcher app.

In short, Microsoft Copilot is an AI assistant designed to make your daily tasks easier. The great part is that you can now use this smart assistant with Microsoft Launcher. So, if Apple has Siri, Android users now have Copilot.

Siri is sad_The AI assistant has come to all Android users_0

With Copilot integrated

Microsoft Launcher is an application that you can download from Google Play, which changes the design of your phone’s home screen. To get started, you need to join the Microsoft Launcher beta program. Once you join the beta program, you can start chatting with the search widget (home screen search bar) using the Copilot button.

Additionally, you can access Copilot in the Feed section on the left side of the home screen. With Copilot integrated into the Microsoft Launcher app, the possibilities are almost limitless. For example, Copilot will be easily accessible with just a swipe. You can ask questions and get help with content creation.

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You can start with questions like “Copilot, how’s the weather today?” or “What do you recommend for dinner?” You can create simple images and texts with basic words from your mobile feed. For example, it can assist you when you say “Make a birthday card.” Copilot Pro users experience faster and more responsive interactions, meaning you can now get things done more quickly.

Since Copilot is currently in the testing phase in the Microsoft Launcher app, it has some limitations. For example, it cannot fulfill commands like “Set an alarm” or “Turn off Wi-Fi.” Currently, Copilot has three main add-ons: Search, Instacart, and Skiing. You can use these add-ons to quickly search for information on the internet, get recipes and meal plans, or find out about flights, accommodations, and car rental options.

Siri is sad_The AI assistant has come to all Android users_2

If Copilot becomes popular on Android, it’s expected that more companies will offer support for these add-ons. This means that Copilot will become even more capable. If you want to try out the new Microsoft Launcher app with Copilot integration, you can download it from the Google Play Store.

However, you need to sign up for the beta program. The initial version you download may be old, so make sure to check for updates. If you haven’t received the new update yet, it will arrive shortly.

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