This exercise promises to lose 15 kilograms in two months.

Could a 20-minute walk every day be the key to losing weight? Fitness experts on TikTok believe this is possible.

The popular 10-2-20 workout has emerged on social media as an effective way to lose up to 15 kilograms in two months.

The workout involves walking on a treadmill at a speed of 3 km/h (2 mph) for 20 minutes, four times a week, with a 10% incline.

It was suggested as an alternative to the 12-3-30 routine, which requires walking at a speed of 4 km/h (2.5 mph) for 30 minutes with a 12% incline. However, experts say that the less intense version is still an effective way to lose weight.

Nicole Rauch Winter, a fitness coach on the app-based fitness program Ladder, said that doing the 10-2-20 workout while lifting weights and eating nutritious foods could help you lose eight to ten kilograms of fat in six to eight weeks.


However, DeAnne Davis Brooks, a kinesiology professor from the University of North Carolina Greensboro, told Health that “you need to be in pretty good shape to maintain this speed and incline for 30 minutes.”

In response, users created a slightly shortened version of the workout.

TikTok user Jennifer Nicole said, “Rather than doing the workout wrong or, worse, not at all, I’ve modified it for myself, doing 10-2-20, which is still challenging but something I can do.”

Another user named Naima commented on Winter’s post, saying, “I lost a kilo in just two weeks by using the treadmill.”

Another TikTok user, Miranda Cheyenne, said the routine helped her get in shape before vacation.

Georgie Spurling, founder of the online healthy living platform GS Method, said in a statement that treadmill workouts like this are a popular alternative to high-intensity workouts offered by many fitness experts online.

Spurling said, “Brisk walking can provide a great cardio workout by strengthening the lower body and developing endurance and muscle.”

The expert added that such exercises can help increase your heart rate without damaging your joints and can serve as a more moderate entry into exercise for those avoiding intense routines.

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