Volkswagen Officially Gains ChatGPT Support

Volkswagen’s ChatGPT Integration, First Announced in January 2024, Has Now Been Implemented. Here Are the Supported Vehicle Models…
Volkswagen Officially Gains ChatGPT Support

Completion of Volkswagen’s ChatGPT Integration

German automotive giant Volkswagen has successfully completed its long-awaited ChatGPT integration. The company announced the completion of integration for various vehicle models.

Officials from the German automaker had previously stated in January that they had been working on ChatGPT integration for some time.

ChatGPT to support multiple models

In an announcement made by the company in recent months, it was noted that GPT was developed alongside the company’s own voice response system and would offer a highly personalized experience. According to a release published today on Volkswagen’s official website, the new artificial intelligence-supported assistant named Cerence Chat Pro is now available for use in all supported vehicles.

As of today, Cerence Chat Pro will serve users in 5 different languages. Initially available in English (US), English (UK), German, Spanish, and Czech, the ChatGPT-supported voice assistant has been rolled out in models belonging to the Volkswagen Group such as Cupra, Seat, Skoda, Tiguan, Golf, and Passat.

Kai Grünitz, Member of the Board of Management for the Volkswagen brand responsible for Development, commented on the matter:

“Volkswagen has a long tradition of integrating new technologies. As a volume manufacturer, we make these technologies accessible to a wide audience. By seamlessly integrating ChatGPT into our voice assistant, we offer drivers the opportunity to use this artificial intelligence on a daily basis, emphasizing how innovative our products are.”

Following this integration, drivers will receive instant answers to questions that can assist them while driving, such as “Where is the nearest electric vehicle charging station?” or “What will the weather be like tomorrow?” Additionally, the assistant will play various music selections when the driver is fatigued and allow adjustments to in-vehicle settings like lighting and temperature.

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