We'll Have to Wait Until 2025 for the New Siri and Apple Intelligence

Apple’s new Siri and Apple Intelligence system, updated with generative AI, will require a bit more waiting. Recent information indicates that the new features will be available in the spring of 2025.
We'll Have to Wait Until 2025 for the New Siri and Apple Intelligence

Apple Introduced the New Siri and Apple Intelligence AI System at WWDC

At the WWDC event, Apple showcased the revamped Siri and Apple Intelligence AI system with generative AI capabilities. While users are eagerly awaiting these new features to arrive on their iPhones, it seems the wait will be a bit longer. According to reports, the updated Siri and Apple Intelligence will be available in early 2025.

New Siri and Apple Intelligence Coming in Spring 2025

According to Mark Gurman from Bloomberg, the tech giant will release the Apple Intelligence AI system to everyone with the iOS 18.4 update. Consequently, the newly updated Siri will also be accessible to all. Reports indicate that this will require waiting until spring 2025.

Before the spring release, a beta testing phase is set to begin in January. The more capable version of Siri will allow the voice assistant to control actions within apps, understand what is currently on the screen, and determine what to do based on context. This represents a radical change in the use of the voice assistant.

Meanwhile, features such as the announced ChatGPT integration for Siri, new Siri interface effects, and deeper product knowledge will be released this fall with iOS 18. The Apple Intelligence system will also launch this fall. However, the flagship features introduced at WWDC will be delayed until 2025.

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