WhatsApp has announced new video calling features.

WhatsApp has announced new video calling features. It is now possible to share voice videos and have video calls with a higher number of participants.
WhatsApp has announced new video calling features

WhatsApp has announced new video calling features. The Meta-owned platform introduced a new voice screen sharing feature, higher participant limits, and speaker highlighting features to better compete with platforms like Zoom, FaceTime, and Google Meet.

WhatsApp’s New Video Calling Features

With WhatsApp‘s new screen sharing feature, you can now share audio along with videos during calls with friends. WhatsApp also announced that it has increased the participant limit for video calls to 32 people, up from the previous limit of 8 people. Another new feature, speaker highlighting, ensures that the speaking person appears at the top of the participants’ list and their image is highlighted, making it easier to identify who is talking.

WhatsApp also emphasized its recent transition to the MLow codec for higher quality calls. This new codec offers better sound quality in noisy environments with noise and echo cancellation features and ensures higher resolution calls for users with faster connections. WhatsApp mentioned that the update will be rolled out in the coming weeks.

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