WhatsApp made its most important feature the default!

WhatsApp will now allow you to send photos and videos in HD quality by default. You won’t need to change any settings.
WhatsApp made its most important feature the default

WhatsApp has finally made the HD feature that we all use a default setting instead of an option. Now, you won’t need to select the HD option to send photos and videos in high quality (HD). This way, you can share high-quality content without changing any settings.

From now on, WhatsApp photos and videos will be in HD quality by default.

Meta introduced HD sharing for photos last summer, followed by videos. However, users had to manually select the HD option each time they sent something. Now, that has changed.

WhatsApp made its most important feature the default_0

Once you set the quality to HD for WhatsApp, this setting will apply to all your future uploads. This new feature is available in the latest version for both iOS and Android users and will be rolled out to all users by the end of this month. If you haven’t seen the feature yet, make sure to update your app. So, how do you set this feature as the default?

Using the new feature is quite simple: Go to Settings > Storage and Data > Media Upload Quality > Select Standard Quality/HD Quality. The options are:

– Standard quality: Faster uploads, smaller file sizes.
– HD quality: Slower uploads, file sizes can be up to 6 times larger.

However, remember that HD quality does not mean original quality. WhatsApp still applies some compression (reducing resolution) even for HD quality.

With the latest updates, WhatsApp has introduced many new features, including the ability to transfer chats via QR code and five new theme options.

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