WhatsApp to Strip Messaging Privileges from Users Who Disturb Others

WhatsApp is preparing to impose access restrictions on accounts of users engaging in negative behavior.
Whatsapp to strip messaging

WhatsApp, one of the most widely used messaging applications in the world, is testing new features in version beta for Android. The highlights of this update focus on account restrictions. These features, which will be available to all users in the future, will affect channel managers and individual users.

The first new feature will allow channel managers whose channels have been restricted to request lifting the restriction. This will make it easier to resolve issues within channels. The second feature will enable access restrictions on accounts of users who exploit the platform.

Automated tools will determine which accounts will be restricted.


According to a statement from WhatsApp, account activities will play a significant role in the restriction of personal accounts. Accounts that send automated messages or bulk messages will face access restrictions following an evaluation. WhatsApp states that these accounts won’t be able to view messages or calls, and suspected accounts will face temporary access bans. Automated tools will be used in the monitoring process.

WhatsApp aims to allow users to correct their behavior without completely losing access to their data. Accounts under access restrictions won’t be able to initiate new chats but can respond to existing ones or continue conversations previously started.

With the new update, channel owners will also be able to appeal access restrictions placed on their channels. This will facilitate resolving issues within channels. After the appeal is made, WhatsApp will review both the channel and the situation that led to the restriction.

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