When Sam Altman said, "Thanks to GPT-7, Money Won't Be Needed," what was he referring to?

In a recent podcast appearance, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman made a significant statement. Altman said that in the future, thanks to artificial intelligence, there won't be any currencies. What exactly did Altman mean by these words?
When Sam Altman said-Thanks to GPT-7-Money Won't Be Needed

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman made a notable statement during a program he attended. Altman said that with GPT-7, a new era will begin worldwide. According to the CEO of OpenAI, this new era will eliminate currencies.

The theme of the idea put forward by Sam Altman is “universal basic income.” In this system, individuals are given money without any conditions. The reason why Sam Altman is considering such an idea is the possibility of unemployment caused by artificial intelligence. While this idea may unsettle some sectors, it is already starting to receive support from certain groups.

GPT-7 will mark the beginning of a universal basic income system.

According to Sam Altman’s idea, GPT-7 will mark the beginning of a universal basic income system. Because everyone will derive some power from the power of GPT-7, and the “productions” made will be tradable. Sam Altman said individuals will be able to use, sell, or donate what they produce with GPT-7.

Sam Altman did not provide a clear explanation of how the universal basic income system would work. However, such a system could provide some financial relief to all people around the world. Of course, we will all see together what the consequences of this will be.

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