While Waiting for Samsung... The Smart Ring 'Y-RING' with Great Features Announced

A technology company has announced a new smart ring model named Y-RING. Equipped with impressive features, the ring will be available for purchase at an affordable price.
While Waiting for Samsung... The Smart Ring 'Y-RING' with Great Features Announced

Technology enthusiasts have recently been focused on the South Korean tech giant Samsung, as the company is set to soon introduce its first smart ring model, the “Galaxy Ring.” However, another startup has preemptively announced a new smart ring named “Y-RING.” So, what does this smart ring offer to consumers?

The Y-RING stands out as a smart ring equipped with impressive features. For instance, it includes a health monitor that operates 24/7. This monitor measures body temperature, blood oxygen levels, sleep status, stress levels, and heart rate. The data collected by the smart ring can be tracked through a mobile app. Additionally, the ring is water-resistant up to 10 ATM and features a titanium frame.

Contactless payments with NFC will be possible.

The Y-RING is equipped with NFC technology, which means it can be used for payments. However, the development team mentioned that NFC support offers even more. According to their statement, this smart ring can be used with smart locks. Furthermore, it can also be used to control smart phones. Users can change music tracks and manage camera applications with hand gestures. The smart ring is said to come with a battery that lasts about a week.

Currently in the early stages and set to be released in September, the Y-RING will be available starting at $179. Announced on Kickstarter, the ring has already raised tens of thousands of dollars.

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