Wind turbine blades could be used as massive batteries.

The Swedish company Sinonus has developed a technology that can charge the carbon fiber component of turbine blades, allowing them to store energy like a battery.
Wind turbine blades could be used as massive batteries

The excess renewable energy generated from wind turbines and solar panels needs to be stored for use when needed. Now, the Swedish company Sinonus claims that with their new method, wind turbine blades can be used as massive batteries.

Turbine Blades Turn into Batteries

Swedish start-up Sinonus is pioneering a way to store energy in the carbon fiber structures of various objects, vehicles, and buildings, believing this could be a game-changer in energy storage. The key advantage is that energy can be stored without adding extra weight.

Wind turbine blades could be used as massive batteries_0

The technology to build these structural batteries, which simultaneously serve as electrodes, conductors, and load-bearing materials, was developed by researchers at Chalmers University of Technology. Sinonus, a subsidiary of this university, is working to commercialize the concept using ultra-light carbon fiber material. Carbon fiber is currently used in a wide range of applications, from NASA’s Ingenuity helicopter on Mars to buildings and cars.

While storing electrical energy in carbon fiber is not as efficient as traditional lithium-ion batteries, significant system-level gains can be achieved because the material is used for its load-bearing capacity. Additionally, carbon fiber materials are used in wind turbine blades, making Sinonus’ solution potentially viable for on-turbine energy storage.

The Importance of Energy Storage is Increasing

The importance of energy storage is becoming more critical than ever. Recently, the G7 group of countries pledged to support the development of a global energy storage capacity of 1.5 TW by 2030, six times the current capacity. Sinonus’ solution demonstrates that energy storage can be integrated into renewable energy facilities, including wind turbines.

Building wind turbines, especially offshore installations, can be quite costly. Integrating energy storage into the system can reduce these costs, potentially leading to more investments. Sinonus’ solution is not limited to wind turbines. Electric vehicle batteries are known to be quite heavy, and Sinonus sees the carbon fiber bodies of electric vehicles as another game-changer.

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