Windows announced its new feature. It will only take a few seconds.

Thanks to a new feature being introduced to Windows 11, text within photos on Android devices can now be directly copied.
windows announces new feature

Continuing its updates to enhance user experiences, Windows is introducing a new feature to Windows 11. With this feature, text within photos synchronized from Android devices can be selected and copied.

Windows Phone Link seamlessly connects phones and computers. Known as Link to Windows on the phone side, this feature provides significant convenience to Android users.

However, these comprehensive features are not available on iOS. When Apple devices are synchronized, only notifications, messages, and calls can be synchronized via Bluetooth.

With the new feature of Phone Link, text within photos synchronized from Android devices can be directly copied. Users who have tried the feature report that the results are not bad as a first step. However, in some cases, it can make slightly more errors compared to Samsung and Apple’s text extractors.

windows announces new feature_

The new feature is currently only active in Release Preview Insider builds. However, this feature will soon be available to all users.

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