YouTube is Working on a Method to Make Using Ad Blockers Impossible

YouTube is testing a method to make using ad blockers impossible. This method involves making ads a part of the videos themselves, preventing blockers from intervening.
YouTube is Working on a Method to Make Using Ad Blockers Impossible

Recently, YouTube has adopted an approach of “If you’re not a Premium member, you have to watch ads.” The company has been enforcing bans on ad blockers, preventing users from watching videos after three detections of such tools.

Now, it has been learned that YouTube plans to take its efforts to thwart ad blockers to the next level, making it impossible to use them.

Ads to Become Part of the Videos

YouTube’s new plans were discovered by the developer of SponsorBlock, an extension that skips sponsored segments. The developer noted that the platform plans to implement server-side ads.

What does this mean? Simply put, ads will now become part of the videos you watch on your device. Unlike the current method, where ads and videos are separate, the new system will integrate ads directly into the videos. This previous method allowed ad blockers to intervene, but with the new system, the ad will be an inseparable part of the video.

This new method is currently in the testing phase. Some users have reported encountering it, but there is no information on when it will be widely implemented. Once deployed, it is expected to effectively eliminate the use of ad blockers.

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