YouTube Premium subscriptions purchased cheaply using VPNs are being canceled.

According to today’s news, YouTube Premium subscriptions purchased more cheaply from different countries using VPNs are being canceled by Google.
YouTube Premium subscriptions purchased cheaply using VPNs are being canceled.

It appears that an operation has been launched against individuals who are obtaining cheaper YouTube Premium subscriptions by using VPNs to access other countries. Naturally, Google, which is not in favor of this situation, has not commented on the matter so far.

YouTube, the leader in video platforms, is testing many different new features lately. For example, viewers will soon be able to add notes to the videos they watch. This feature, currently being tested only in the U.S., will allow users to add extra information to videos or correct errors in them. Similar to X’s “Community Notes” feature, YouTube describes the new “Notes” feature as follows: “You can add notes to videos with inaccurate or unclear content to help inform others. Once submitted, your note is reviewed and rated by others. If your note is considered helpful by a broad range of people, it may be published and appear below the video.”

In addition to rolling out features with proper oversight, YouTube has announced several new features recently. For instance, some users of the YouTube Android app can now perform “visual searches” using Google Lens. Google has added a ‘Lens’ button to the search bar, allowing users to search for videos on YouTube using an image provided to the system.

Moreover, Google is developing a QR code system to make it easier for content creators to share their channels with others. The company is also working on a feature to facilitate quick participation in live chat during YouTube live streams. YouTube aims to provide users with live chat summaries using AI assistance. Another feature being tested with a limited audience analyzes and summarizes Shorts comments using generative AI. This feature, currently only available in English, can quickly make sense of comments that receive a large number of responses. Although it is unknown when this feature will be available in other languages or to the general public, it is already receiving positive feedback for its potential to save time.

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